Friday, November 18, 2011

Heroin Queen

Love was the drug

She was my fix

I felt like I was 25

Now I feel 75

Her power made me feel alive

She allowed me to rediscover love

My femme fatale with a heart of gold

She had a temper

She made me laugh

I was under her spell

She lived inside of me

But, now she has vanished

Just like a ghost

She pulled the plug on me in 30 seconds

Without oxygen or life support

With nothing of her getting into my life stream

Was she a dream or an alternative reality?

I visualized us in the future

I thought she was a new dawn

She just told me we were the past

But, we were the possibility of an island

A new adventure, to watch together the end of a world

And the birth of another one

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amour Perdu

Tu etais mon soleil

Tu etais ma lune

Tu etais la lumiere d'un amour total longtemps oublie

Tu etais ma fontaine de jouvance dans un monde cruel

Tu etais la porte d'un bonheur a partager

Tu etais l'amour que je voulais sans me l'avouer

Tu etais l'aiguille dans une meulle de foin

Tu etais l' impossible

Tu etais la bouteille venant de la mer avec un mot doux

Tu etais mon repos du guerrier apres des batailles sordide

Tu etais plus importante que moi meme

Tu etais ma raison d'etre

Tu etais mon amour, mon inspiration et ma reine

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I felt that I was on cloud nine

Nine months of bliss and happiness

She was my muse, my best friend and my lover

She was everything

I was in love with her before we met

She was my princess

My reality was a dream, but it is now a nightmare

A shattered dream of future happiness

She broke my heart in 30 seconds

Friends tell me to let go and move on, but I just can't

I feel empty, with nothing left

My whole life down the drain