Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Ghost

My lover has become a ghost

Erasing me from her life

As if I had the plague

She lived in my heart and soul

My body couldn't get enough of her curves

Now she makes me feel like a curse

And she is gone

Part of me is missing, nowhere to be found

As if a year of my life took place

In an alternate reality

Was she a figment of my imagination?

A made up persona

Was she a seductress, or just a victim of circumstances?

She had become my only agenda

My life changing plan

More important than myself

I know she loved me as much as she can

And perhaps, I loved her too much

A love deep as dark waters

Under the spell of her black eyes

I feel that I will never see her again

My lover has disappeared

She has become a ghost

And it breaks my heart

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